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Right now you have the opportunity to share your test automation expertise. The conference is looking for proposals from a diverse range of speakers from across the community. Apply here

Why should you consider speaking at Selenium Conf?

Share the space with Selenium committers and other influential people in the Selenium community. Speaking lifts your profile and turbocharges networking opportunities. Speaking allows you to share your insights and gain new knowledge at the same time.

Establish yourself as a thought leader in the test automation space. Our goal is to provide a widely accessible platform that brings together top thought leaders to share expertise and ideas on test automation. If you’re interested in making your mark in the open source world, speaking at conferences like Selenium Conf is a great way to accomplish this.

If you are a first time speaker, don’t worry, we offer speaker shepherding sessions to help new speakers present like professional speakers.

A recording of your talk will be posted on YouTube where it will be freely available for you to share and could rack up thousands of views after the event.

It was great to see diversity among speakers, be it in terms of expertise, industry, culture, or experience and not to forget, one fourth of speakers were women

Are you a Selenium committer? You have a unique perspective and opportunity to influence the community, and share your knowledge and passion with the world. Share what’s new and upcoming in Selenium. What are best practices for leveraging the available tools? Help get the community on board using the features you have helped build!

What topics are we looking for?

We’re looking for deep technical topics related to Selenium and test automation in general. Your presentation can be formatted as a case study, demonstration, talk (20-45 mins), tutorial, workshop (90 mins) or experience report. In particular we'd like to hear about:

  • Getting started with Selenium 4.0
  • Selenium Architecture and Internals
  • Continuous Testing Best Practices
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Scaling Test Automation
  • Shift Left
  • Quality Engineering
Easily one of the best conferences i have attended in the past several years. I learnt a lot from interacting with other testers at the conference.

The conference will be held online for two days across 29-30 July. Selenium Conf is a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, as well as learn and share ideas and best practices.

Submissions close: [DEADLINE EXTENDED!] 31 May at 11:59pm IST

So don’t delay!

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